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The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree Rules

Vendors for the 2012 Blueberry Jerry Jamboree will be assigned space for Friday, April 27 from 1pm-10pm, Saturday, April 28 from 8am—10pm and Sunday, April 29 from 8am—8pm at The Rotary Pavilion area in The Concourse, Spring Hill, Florida.  There is no rain date. The Festival will take place regardless of weather. Please plan to protect your products from a variety of conditions.  Vendor Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree retains the right to reject any vendor application.  Space assignments are determined based upon the best interest of The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree.  The vendor application neither implies nor grants any preferential location.  Vendors must submit merchandise lists with description of items and pricing with completed applications.  By submitting an application to The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree, vendor indicates that he/she has read and agrees to all Rules provided herein.

PUBLICITY.  Vendor grants permission to take and use photographs, audio, video or digital recordings made during the event, the products and performances held at the event, the vendor’s employees, and the vendor’s subcontractors for publicity and promotional purposes.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to notify employees, subcontractors and volunteers that their likeness may be recorded.
PROCEEDS from vendor sales will belong to the vendor.  Vendors are responsible for collecting sales tax and for reporting earnings to the IRS.
PROPOSED ITEMS LIST A list of proposed items including intended prices must be submitted with application.  Only approved items will be allowed for sale at The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree.  More than one type of each item may be approved for sale.  The event staff reserves the right to review and compare items sold with items on the application, have items removed that have not been approved in advance or found to be re-sale items.  Vendors who do not comply will be subject to removal from the event without refund of their fees.
STORAGE OF MATERIALS must be confined within your booth area.  Plan for storage within your area when designing the configuration of your booth. 
PASSES.  Vendor and parking passes will be issued at check-in.
VEHICLES Vendors are responsible for transporting and placing their own booths and products.  No vehicles will be allowed in the gate during The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree hours of operation. 
CONDUCT.  The Festival Officials reserve the right to screen all booths and exclude inappropriate items.  In the event of inappropriate behavior, the booth will be forced to close and all fees will be forfeited.  Sale of products outside of the event ground is prohibited and will be grounds for removal from the property. 
 VENDOR SETUP Vendors must provide their own tables and display boards.  Do not tape, tack, or otherwise affix any materials or signs to anything that is not owned by you.  Canopies must be anchored by stakes, cinder-blocks, or sandbags. Each booth must provide a TRASH BARREL and empty it into the dumpster as needed.  Setup may begin at 8am on Friday, April  27 until 12:30pm or between the hours of 6am-7:30am on Saturday morning, April 28.     Vendors will be directed by event staff to assigned space & may only enter park through approved entrances.  Driving on non-designated areas is prohibited.  All booths must be fully set up and operational by opening hours.  No vehicles will be admitted after 12:30pm on Friday, April 27 or after 7:30am on Saturday, April 28 & Sunday, April 29.  ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED from the Festival area 30 minutes before opening hours.  Vehicles must be moved to the parking area after set up is complete.  If you require a trailer with additional product, you must purchase additional booth space.  
VENDOR BREAKDOWN No breakdowns will be permitted during operational hours.

TRASH Booth space and surrounding areas must be left clear of all refuse.  Do not discard cartons or packing materials anywhere in the festival area.  If vendor intends to leave any trash on site, it must be taken to the dumpster.  All boxes must be broken down and stacked neatly behind the dumpster.  
POWER is extremely limited in the festival area, but can be purchased & reserved at an additional cost of $20.  Each outlet is 110 volts, 20 amps.  220V power is not available.  Extension cords will be the vendors’ responsibility.  The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree does not provide extension cords of any kind.  Portable generators must be quite or muffled. 
CAMPING / RV’S.  Limited primitive and RV camping is available and must be separately reserved.  Limited power is available and must be approved and reserved.  Restrooms and water are available but no individual water hook-ups are available. 
 ICE.  Ice will be available on site.  Ice must be purchased at the event coordinators booth and will be delivered to your booth by event staff.  At no time will any vendor be allowed access to the ice trailer.
RESTRICTIONS.  No alcoholic beverages, pets, loud music, or loud television will be allowed in the vicinity of your booth.
SECURITY.  Limited security is provided.  We do not recommend leaving items of value in your booth overnight.
RESPONSIBILITY.  Vendor contents remain the responsibility of the vendor.  The Blueberry Jerry Jamboree and event organizers assume no responsibility for injury to persons, or loss or damage to any property of the vendors, including vandalism and theft.
FOOD SERVICE BOOTHS.  The vendor shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances which apply to food service.  Vendors must not change their approved menu unless prior approval has been made with the event coordinator prior to the event.  Garbage must be stored in your vehicle and taken upon your departure unless you have PAID the GARBAGE FEE.  If you have paid the garbage fee and intend to leave any trash on site, it must be taken to the dumpster on site.  NO BOXES IN DUMPSTER.  Boxes must be broken down and stacked neatly behind the dumpster.  All food service booths/areas must provide their own trash barrels and liners and dispose of trash into the dumpsters provided on site.  Vendors must contain wastewater from their booths.  There is not a dump station on site.  Booths planning on cooking should plan to use charcoal or gas cooking equipment, as electric is limited.  Electric is available but must be approved and reserved.  Water is on site, but there are no individual water hook-ups.
PRODUCT EXCLUSIVITY.  Vendors interested in selling particular items exclusively should contact the event coordinator to discuss available options.  Vendors granted exclusivity may pay higher booth fees, to be negotiated on an individual basis.